Journal Clubs

Connect and learn with your colleagues

Collaborative and learner-driven.

Four separate articles/sessions with 1-2 months in between each session. Includes a required pre-session worksheet and the 1-hour journal club discussion for each article. 

Set up a journal club in your area

Contact me to set up a journal club in a preferred content area and/or with your colleagues at dates and times that work for you. Not sure what this is all about but would like to give it a try? Sit in on an upcoming journal club session for free! Contact to schedule.

Set up a journal club in your area

Journal Club Details

• 4 sessions- 2 CEUs per session- 8 total CEUs
• Each 1-hour virtual Zoom session (sessions occur approximately every other month) is focused on one article 
• Participants must complete and submit a worksheet for the article prior to each session
• Participants may miss a session or sessions- CEUs will be adjusted accordingly

Scholarships and course fee reduction for students and early career professionals and other individuals who self-identify with a need for financial support- please email for additional information.

All CEUs – approval in PA; other states negotiated on an individual basis with course participants- note that I will make every effort to obtain CEU approval for all course participants, and that costs for this approval may need to be shared.

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Currently Active Journal Clubs

Visit the Sign Up page to register for a journal club in your area.

Complete all 3 remaining sessions and get 6 CEUs – December 7, February 1, April 4, all from 7:30-8:30 am Eastern Time

Next course will begin in early 2024 EXPERIENCED

Final session on November 14 from 7:30-8:30 pm Eastern Time

PEDIATRIC OUTPATIENT > Spots are open! Sessions on December 13, February 12, April 17, and June 10, all from 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Complete all 4 sessions and get 8 CEUs Sign up

Spots still open! Sessions on December 11 and February 12, all from 7:30-8:30 pm Eastern Time. Complete the remaining 2 sessions and and get 4 CEUs Sign up

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