Journal Club- Academic Focus


Journal Club- Academic Focus



This innovative continuing education program is designed to help physical therapist educators implement evidence into their teaching practice.  Current educational research in physical therapy will be reviewed in detail and used as a facilitator to translate new knowledge into practice change. The program is divided into four separate 1-hour online sessions and includes ongoing focus on implementation of course information. Participants will also learn and apply strategies to gather and analyze knowledge relevant to teaching practice needs, along with specific recommendations for translation of this knowledge into practice. All sessions will be interactive and include case-based discussions on successes and challenges related to knowledge-to-action. In order to enhance and support learning, participants will be expected to complete readings and a brief assignment prior to all sessions.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Systematically gather, analyze, and apply information to improve teaching practice through:
    1. database searching
    2. article analysis
    3. knowledge to action strategies
  2. Critically review four physical therapy educational research articles
  3. Integrate information from physical therapy educational research articles into teaching practice for self and colleagues
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of the knowledge-to-action plan and modify as appropriate

Dates/ Times: Mondays from 7-8:00 pm eastern time – May 13, July 8, September 9, November 4


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