Journal Club Adult 2023


Journal Club Adult 2023



  • 4 sessions- 2 CEUs per session- 8 total CEUs
  • Each 1-hour virtual Zoom session (sessions occur approximately every other month) is focused on one article
  • Participants must complete and submit a worksheet for the article prior to each session in order to receive both CEUs
  • Participants may miss a session or sessions- CEUs will be adjusted accordingly
  • April 13, June 15, August 17, October 19, all from 4:00 – 5:00 pm EST

Scholarships and course fee reduction for students and early career professionals and other individuals who self-identify with a need for financial support- please email for additional information

All CEUs – approval in PA; other states negotiated on an individual basis with course participants- note that I will make every effort to obtain CEU approval for all course participants, and that costs for this approval may need to be shared.


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